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German Train Station

German Train Station

Three years ago I took my 4 and 2-year-old boys on a train trip from Germany to Austria. We went to go visit a friend of mind who was teaching English there. She is now married to an Austrian and living there semi-permanently. I love the Train system in Europe. It works well. I wish we had that here in the US.


At the Bridge

At the Bridge by Julie Danielle
At the Bridge, a photo by Julie Danielle on Flickr.

Taken in Regensburg, Germany in Nov 2009. Getting to the end of my Germany film pictures.


View of the Leaf

View of the Leaf by Julie Danielle
View of the Leaf, a photo by Julie Danielle on Flickr.

Taken in Bavaria, Germany, 2009. Taken with my Canon Rebel, film camera.


Church Tower

Church Tower by Julie Danielle
Church Tower, a photo by Julie Danielle on Flickr.

Taken in a the little village of Erbendorf, Germany with film and a Canon Rebel.


Last Photo Walk in Germany









These are pretty much the last pictures I took in Germany.  I went out for my last photo walk there in early February.  Goodbye little German village.  I enjoyed walking your streets and paths and capturing you on my camera.  You will always be apart of my memories.